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The Salon True Story

I found my passion making others feel beautiful. I’ve learned you don’t have to compromise your health for beauty.

After years of suffering from migraines and other health conditions I started seeing a naturopath. The naturopath quickly connected my symptoms to the 15+ years I spent working in hair salons. The exposure to colour and styling products had affected me in ways I never anticipated.

I was heartbroken. Caring for my health is one of my top priorities, but my passion is making women feel beautiful.

Pink Fashion
Pink Sand

I had tried so-called “clean” colour and styling products in the past but I was always disappointed. They don’t work and the few that do contain more harsh ingredients than they lead you to believe. After extensive research, I found an innovative product line that delivers beautiful results without artificial fragrance, ammonia or harmful toxins. That day I realized I could be true to both my passion and my health, and Salon True was born.

Salon True
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